Yellow Fields – an Instagram Story

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Hackpen Harvest 31 x 25.5 cms oil on canvas
Hackpen Harvest 31 x 25.5 cms oil on canvas


Last week I revisited some sketches I had done on a clear September day while sitting in the shade of a Ridgeway clump.  As the red kites soared overhead the farmer harvested the lines of crop together steering down the rows making piles ready for baling.

I was quite pleased with the resulting painting; working quite quickly and with a thick oil paint I posted a snap of it on Instagram that same day.  Thank you to all who reacted so positively.

I am pleased to say that as a result of that one post the painting is now sold and will be on it’s way to Baltimore as soon as the paint is dry enough.  Delighted.

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Happy Harvest time


Alton Barnes White Horse & Woodborough Hill Commissions

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Alton Barnes White Horse 51 x 41cm oil on linen
Alton Barnes White Horse
51 x 41cm oil on linen
Woodborough Hill 51 x 41cm oil on linen
Woodborough Hill
51 x 41cm oil on linen

Sometimes you get a commission that really fires you up and this was certainly the case when a delightful client who had previously bought some of my work contacted me to ask about a commission for a pair of paintings.

A good friend of MOS ( and someone who knew and liked my style and work, he asked if I might paint him a pair of paintings that would work together but also stand alone as single images.  The subjects are both significant to him and his family for a number of reasons, not least that they live very close to both!  But there was also an emotional attachment which made the task particularly special.

After discussing what he had in mind, from the angle of view to the broad colour palette and armed with some of the client’s snaps I got to work.

A combination of pencil sketches, photographs and then some charcoal drawings, created as much to map out the canvas area as well as to better understand the contours and shape of the landscape, I was ready to build the frame onto which I stretched the primed linen.

Part of the pleasure of the commission process is working with the client, checking in periodically to show them progress and discussing colour and other options that may arise along the way.  The artist is in control, but there are stages along the way where input from the client can give you a positive steer and help with creative decision making.  It’s just really nice to feel that the client is engaged and as enthusiastic as you are.

Whether by text, email, phone or (a couple) of face-to-face visits to the Studio we kept in touch throughout.

I delivered the pair last weekend – I am very happy with the results and thoroughly enjoyed the process, working together on this was a real pleasure.


ps If you are interested in a commission please do get in touch to discuss – sd