Mike and Celia Harris

Simone’s work has a wonderful way of portraying a sense of place in just a few strokes. We instantly recognised The Ridgeway near Wayland’s Smithy as a place we had recently walked along. We liked the painting so much we commissioned Simone to paint a picture of the Uffington White Horse (pictured, left). She enthusiastically took on the challenge and we are thrilled with the result. She has captured the essence of the landscape in a wonderful way and it was a joy working with her on the piece.


Jan Hallett, London

I received a painting by Simone Dawood last year as a birthday present. I particularly like the textural surface, which imbues the figurative work with a effective abstract quality. The evocative pastoral theme has elicited many positive comments from visitors and quite simply, I love it.


Liz Parkinson, London

Simone’s art  captures the essence of the countryside around Wiltshire and Oxfordshire. Modern and fresh at first glance but filled with depth and mood. I find myself driving around and seeing the hills, fields and clumps of trees in a different way. Her art has given me a new perspective.


Anna Blount, Pewsey

I admire your work because of your ability to capture the character of Wiltshire and her moods so well on your canvases.  So it was particularly exciting to commission a piece from you for a painting so personal to us. Your encouragement to make it a collaborative process throughout added another positive dimension. I know we will enjoy it becoming a treasured part of the family.  Many thanks once again.